American Bankers Association (ABA) is a unique code presents on a check which denotes a particular bank or financial institution issuing the same. They are also known as check routing number, ABA number.

These numbers also are known as routing number or routing transfer number is a sequence of nine numeric characters used by banks to classify particular financial institutions within the United States. An ABA number is required for wires and electronic automatic clearing house (ACH) communications such as electronic funds transfer, direct deposit, and direct payment of consumer bills, e-checks, and tax payments, amongst others. Your ABA is not continuously the same as the routing number produced on your bank checks, so please exchange your bank for the suitable ABA number.

ABA Routing Numbers

Established in 1910 by American Bankers Association (ABA), routing number serves to identify the particular financial institution accountable for the payment of a traversable instrument.

Initially designed to classify only check treating endpoints, the ABA Routing Number has grown to entitle participants in programmed clearinghouses, electronic funds transfer, and online banking. The ABA Routing Number has reformed over the years to house the Federal Reserve System, the advent of MICR, and the application of the Expedited Funds Availability Act (EFAA) and most lately, Check 21.

Who Is Eligible for an ABA Routing Number?

An ABA Routing Number will merely be delivered to a Federal or State chartered financial institution which is entitled to preserve an account at a Federal Reserve Bank.

Obtaining a Routing Number

The Official ABA Registrar of Routing Numbers, Perception, is accountable for the assignment of routing numbers in harmony with the Routing Number Administrative Board Routing Number Policy. Accuity has aided the ABA’s Official Registrar since 1911.

A recently structured financial organization must complete and submit a request to Accuity to be allocated its ABA Routing Number. For extra details concerning the application procedure, or to learn more about ABA Routing Numbers; assignment, restoration, retirement or ETI routing numbers contact.

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